We Both Know

Woke up not long ago with this song in my head.  Beautiful song.

Someone on YouTube ask what the first verse of the song was saying this was my response:
I will explain what it means to me…”They all say it, all the ones who made, once you find the one you claim it but you’re gonna have to fight.  When I think back, the things that threw us off track, we handled like a heart attack cuz we didn’t see the light.”

Sometimes love is easy, you fall right in and sail on.  Other times, the love is there, but there are obstacles that you have to fight through in order to come together.  Sometimes if you are not careful, you can deal with those obstacles in a way that is damaging to your relationship (handle them like a heart attack) and fall a part instead of becoming stronger together and really seeing the light in your love.  This is what I know- there are pages in my heart that speak to this all too well.

Funny how a song can capture the unspoken words of the heart……..