My Man Boots

As I was digging out my winter boots this weekend I remembered a conversation that I had last winter.  Margie, a co-worker, stopped by my desk to chat about the adventures of getting to work the morning of a snow storm.  This is often something that is done in the office, especially in the middle of a winter storm.  It is a way to kind of relax, de-stress and prepare to work the rest of the day.  Margie, is always fun to talk to.  She is super trendy and over all just a hoot.  I asked her how her trek into work went and she onto to tell me how she sat by the window sipped hot cocoa and watched her husband shovel the sidewalk and snow from around their car.  Always with an amusing story, I listened and enjoyed.  Then she mentioned her boots and she kicked her leg out with a little sass and then with a gasp stopped and looked down at my boots. 

She said sadly, “Those look like man boots”.  It took me a minute to gather my thoughts and  to realize that she wasn’t kidding, she was serious.  I couldn’t be mad, they did look like man boots, I eventually agreed with her then explained to her my morning and how I got to work.

You see Margie:

While you were watching your husband shoveling snow from the warmth and safety of your window, these boots kept me warm while I was shoveling the walks and the snow from around my car.

I know they are not the most fashionable boots, but while your husband was driving you to work to keep you safe from the traffic, a little nervous to drive myself, I left my car parked.  These boots kept my feet dry and toasty while I walked almost two miles to the bus stop in about 6 inches of snow with more snow coming down. 

Yes they look like man boots, but while I was standing at the bus stop the soles of these boots, like a man, were firm and strong enough to protect me from the cold snow beneath my feet, yet….. the furry insides of my man boots were soft and caressed my heels, the slope of my arches, to the very tip of my toes. 

You see Margie, I want to wear sassy stiletto boots, but in my life right now it is function before fashion and with a man (which would be nice!  hey I’m just sayin) or without a man, I am going to do what I need to do.  So I guess we are both blessed.  You are blessed that you have a husband who is willing and able to shovel and chauffeur and I am blessed that I can do these things myself.

We talked a little more about her super sassy boots and them we waved each other on.  Good old Margie…..sighing.

That’s it folks function before fashion.  One day perhaps I will be blessed with a husband. The soft furr of my man boots will be replaced with the soft furr on his chest. Rurrrr…..Okay that was too much!   Who knows maybe I will have both, maybe I might want to help him shovel – but the question for now is ….. Do I want to rock in some red stiletto boots and break my neck or do I take care of business and get to where I need to go…I pick the latter.  Besides, it would be different if I didn’t know how to sass things up a bit, I do, believe me I do….lol.   Until then it is just me and my man……boots.