No, You’re Just a Jerk

This morning I heard a radio personality on air who was talking about his “haters”.  He was contributing the fact that he has haters to his success, to his being on the move and I think that it is quite contrary.  His comedy is dry and predictable, he makes fun of people and their problems, and in my opinion he is far too opinionated to be on a national platform.  Sometimes you have haters, because you are simply….a jerk, a bum-bum booty, a real used toilet paper wad – get my point here?

I know in my life that I have had people who disliked me for no reason and then there were others who really probably were justified in not liking me.  Either way, I have found the importance in using the behaviors of others toward me as a mirror to myself and then decide from there.  Even, then I am not going to dwell on it for too long.  Keep it light and stepping….