Being Playful

I was in the elevator today with a woman who was talking on the phone.  She said, “Honey, I am not wearing green.  Are you going to pinch my booty?”  My ears perked up to listen more intently.  She continued talking and giggling at the same time, “We are going to do what?  Oh, baby, I know exactly where your leprechaun is, I will see you at six, love you”.By then I was smiling from ear to ear and I glanced over at her.  She looked at me, blushed and said, “My husband…..” and she just beams this huge smile and dashes off the elevator.

Yet another thing to look forward to one day……

My Hope In You Alone

Too many people put contingencies on God. I will serve him if I get this, or I will do this if God blesses me with that. Brats. How many parents would reward their children for doing absolutely nothing? Not many, well at least not many good parents would. The same is with God. He is an awesome Father, but he is not going to just pass out blessings for disobedience. Why is it that the people who acknowledge God the least, expect the most from Him?

The words of this song spoke to me in such a grand way. It sums up how I feel about God even in the midst of tears or in the sunshine of my happiest moments, I know that God is my only Hope. Beyond what I see, beyond what I feel, He is my Everything.

Is he your everything? Even if you don’t get that job, that husband, the wife of your dreams….will He be your everything?

When the car is broken down, when the kids are sick or when illness looms at your door, is He your everything?

When times are good, when money is flowing, and the wind is at your back, do you remember who created that wind and still recognize that in the middle of abundance wealth, health, love…..that all of that is nothing without the everything-ness of God? (yes I just made a word lol)

I could go on forever, but this song is truly the anthem of my heart for this season in my life and probably for many more to come. Enjoy.

You Are a Wreck

If you wrecked a car, you would fixed it.  If you did some damage to a wall you would patch it up.  If you spilled something on the floor you would make the floor dry and safe again.  When it comes to people, we just plow through their lives, through their hearts and we just stand there and judge the damage….wow she/he got fat, oh my that person is so defensive….but you never stop and think about how you contributed to the damage of that person.

We leave footprints in the lives of others, make sure that they are good ones. Especially in the lives of those people who trust you to be in their lives.

I’m Done

It is so odd when you arrive at the point when you realize that you don’t have any more tears or emotions to offer a situation.  You stand at the junction when  one way is keep trying and to the right is a  junction to  let things go.    My heart, my emotions, and the passion that I have for those I love are the best gifts within me and when those are gone….let them be gone too otherwise I am half stepping on love and that just isn’t me.  Reciprocation counts for a lot, and when you don’t have that it turns into a hunt and chase, but you are not a cat or a mouse.  Just let it go. Taking a right and driving on…….