Painfully, I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of people who don’t want you to be okay. 

They don’t want you to be okay, because they are not okay themselves…….

I recently found out some news that really has me messed up right now and it is a struggle for me to be “okay”. 

Too exhausted to be mad, to sad to even really cry…but there is one thing that I can hope on that is on the sun rising in morning and the ability for me to put one foot in front of the other to walk this thing out.

I will be okay…..I am okay.

Thumbs Up

I have come to the conclusion that some people just want to have a problem with you.  Jesus could come down himself , put his arm around you and give you the thumbs up sign, and someone will be like….”Naw she dirty, she ain’t right.”  lol  smh

No worries to all that….pressin’ on!


Reflection: Loyalty is not always a good thing, especially when it changes you as a person. Sometimes the things we keep silent about to avoid revealing the true character of others, can really end up destroying our own. Can’t rewind, but God can certainly redeem……

Your Destined Path

You can stand in someone else’s shoes, but you will never wear them like the person that they were meant for.  Find your own path, walk out your own destiny…anything short of that, is a life that has been cheated.  

Your Own

You can stand in someone else’s shoes, but you will never wear them like the person that they were meant for.  Find your own path, walk out your own destiny…anything short of that, is a life that has been cheated. 

Seasons Change

What is it about September that is so glorious? Maybe it is because I know that October, my very favorite month is just next door? Maybe it is because we are approaching the time of year when the traditions that steep our lives become so prevalent…family dinners, warm apple ciders, pumpkins, bonfires and firepits, turkey dinners, Christmas, gift exchanges……

I don’t know why this year, my heart buzzes with the thought of the changing leaves? So are the seasons on Earth and such are the seasons in our lives. I think Autumn gives us a perfect example to know that change is not always a bad thing, really it can be quite beautiful and every leaf that falls in our lives will nurture the next season that has yet to dawn in our eyes….

Autmun trees

Everything that Glitters….

Country singer, Dan Seals, sang a song titled, Everything that Glitters is Not Gold. Funny how the shiny things catch the eye and for a moment you think that you really have something special and the things that really mattered and were true are tossed to the side ….and for what…something so superficial but yet feeds the eye of pride and the fickleness of desires. Oh but time……time is the best teacher of the foolish decisions that one has made. Time is the best teacher of what is lost, never to be gained again. Time wears off the “shiny”, the “glitter” that first catches the eyes and it shows that everything that glitters is not gold….it had no value at all but to rob you of what was really true to you.

Emotional Terrorism

What is the deal these days with male and female friendships?  I just completed my third phone call within the last month or so regarding male and female friendships and the mess that stemmed from it.

Here is the bottom line:

Ladies, if you are stroking his hair, feeding him tiny morsels of food or nuzzling his ear, after a while he is going to think that you are interested in progressing the “supposed” friendship into a dating relationship….

Guys, if you are wining and dining, snuggling on, talking about a future with your friend who happens to be a girl, or saying or treating your “girl” friend in a way that that you would NEVER say or treat your guy friends……

Then don’t be surprised when your friend starts getting a little googley eyed toward you and the expectations change.   And….before you call them crazy, a stalker, or say that they lied to you about being your friend, it might be a good idea to check yourself and ask what did you do to contribute to this situation.

Leading someone on is nothing short of emotional terrorism. And, like any act of terrorism there is destruction that follows, the only thing is that the person who caused the destruction doesn’t stick around to see the damage.  Stop it  already!

Other Foot It

 I really think that a great deal of the problems great and small, would be solved or never happen if people would just “other foot it” – you know put the shoe on the other foot and think….now would I want someone to do that me or someone I love…..just pondering.