Testing Times

I have blogged before that I never just “fall in love”. If I love you, that was a purposeful act of me allowing you into my heart and aspects of my life. If I love you I decided that you are someone that I want to give my best to, that I take an active role in helping you become the best version of you, and that I willingly accept your role in helping me become the best version of me. Love inspires…love encourages yet accepts…love builds… love can cause you to soar!!!

Loving someone hopefully has a lot of good times, but there will be bad, there will be misunderstandings. there will be attitudes from time to time. The true test of the love that you share in the good times is how you handle the love in the tested times. Handle it with care, whatever you do. Now is not time to punish the other person by withdrawing your communication, this is the time to communicate the most when tempers are down and each person is calm. Too many times, couples are so eager to get back to the good that they sweep the testing under the rug….only to be tripped on later. You can learn so much about how to love the one that you love even better when you have open and honest conversation about how you feel during the difficult times. The best way that this can happen is if egos are down, the pointing fingers are tucked away and both hearts are receptive to learning about themselves and about the other person. Talking and working through your testing times, graduate your love higher and higher. Again….Love inspires, love encourages yet accepts, love builds, love can cause you to soar!!!!