With My Name On It

I was covering the front desk at the office this afternoon when a florist delivered a beautiful boquet of flowers.  Immediately, my heart started pitter pattering and I thought, maybe juuuuuuust maybe those flowers were for me. 

They weren’t.

Am I surprised?  No, unless I have a secret admirer – there is no one who would be sending me such a lovely arrangement of flowers. 

The good part is that I don’t get sad about it anymore, instead I find myself smiling with a glimmer of hope in mind….that perhaps one day when I am least expecting it…..that soft, fragrant expression of love will arrive with my name on it.

I Am An Introvert!!!!!

Yes, I am introvert!!!  (standing on a mountain top, beating my chest – okay that is a bit much lol)

One of the most common misconceptions about introverts is that they don’t like people. Not true,  I love people.  I am captivated by their stories, the fellowship and I am compelled to reach out to inspire, learn from, and help people.  I love parties and gatherings, BUT, being around people is draining for an introvert.  Soooo….if I step away for a few minutes it is only to recharge with my owns thoughts, some quiet, and then I am as good as new.

For years, I have been told that there is something wrong with me.  Well I could say the same of extroverts, come on, what is wrong with these people?   You know, those super hype people who want to know exactly why you aren’t “hype” like them and then proceed to try to make you super hype to validate their insanity?  lol 

Bottomline my fellow innies, know, love, appreciate how you are, and while it is important to bend, don’t allow the others to push your boundaries too too far.  The world needs you!  Can you imagine a world FULL of extroverts, oh goodness no!   Now come on – let’s go ponder the universe. 

(BTW – pondering the universe is one of my favorite things to do…it really is – I get butterflies just thinking about it)

Those Littler Things

Sometimes the elephant in the room is not the biggest problem…  sometimes it is the people who are ignoring it,  sometimes it is smaller things, the things that are not seen that present the biggest problems…. just pondering.

Water Cycle

I wonder who touched, drank, or perhaps swam in the same water I drank today? A dinosaur, an ancient Indian, perhaps Jesus… the water cycle is truly amazing.


Eyes opened: I am never impressed by how “highly” someone might speak of me or another person, it is not their words that matter but it is how they actually regard you in matters that counts.

Don’t Look Like the Problem

I used to live here for a long time.   I have learned the hard way that you can be completely right about something but also be completely wrong by how you respond to the mess. At the end of the day after the explosion you are left with fingers pointing at you. “Awww, did you see what she did?”, “Did you see how she looked?”, “What’s wrong with her?” , “Ewww, she got problems”. The real problem never gets dealt with when you become a by-product of the problem. It is easier to point at the weeds than to deal with the roots.