Take Some Sushi With Ya…

Last year I attended a chef’s table where we were served gourmet sushi.  It was fabulous!  Never in a million years would I have ever have thought that I would have acquired a palate for such a tasty treat, but well, here I am thinking about sushi with a touch of wasabi…yummy.  Sometimes we get so comfortable existing in our bubble that we disregard that life is happening on the outside. I am grateful for the new mind and heart to want to go different places and to try new things.  Don’t get me wrong, there are limitations to good clean livin’ now – so don’t go buck wild! lol  I challenge you today to live, try something new and allow each moment to enrich you and deepen your journey, and uh hey… take some sushi with ya!

Get Your Own Piece of Candy

Still simmering on this: Received an early morning phone call from a young lady who is devastated that her “man” has decided to stay with his wife.I can’t offer a lot of grace on my tongue in cases like this. After talking a while I just bottom lined it with a question, if someone has a piece of candy in their mouth and they took it out and offered it to you would you take it and eat? She said no that is gross. My response: Welp….knowingly “sharing” a man (or woman) is kind of just like that. Silence……
Reminded me of this video where this woman is crying and going on like she is a victim in this situation, um no.A lyric in this song references the other woman/wife who is begging him to stay with her….well, if you have to beg a man to come home, stay with you, or not to leave, honey he is already gone. Men like this, enjoy the amenities of desperate women.

It’s Not Always What You Hear….

When someone tells you things about someone that you know, please be mindful not to change your interaction with that person based upon the words of someone else. 

It is our job each day to “meet people where they are” , and not meet people where someone else did and then judge them on that .

Better yet, if it bothers you that much to where you would change how you interact with that person,  why not directly go to that person and talk to them about what you have heard and what you are concerned with.  Seems only fair to me and wouldn’t you want the same? 

The spirit of sabotage and division is thick in the air and is clothed in the peculiar people, best friends, co-workers, a sister……sad, but true.

Everybody Ain’t Crazy


What do you think when you hear the word crazy?  Well, I often think that this word is used irresponsibly causing labels to be placed on people who do not deserve them.

I have come to terms that there are four kinds of crazy:

1)  Conditional Crazy – meaning you have a condition and you require medication to manage the condition.  No shame in that – do what you need to do to be well.

2) Wild and Out Crazy –   chilling with friends, being funny or silly.  Okay, that’s cool.

3)  Horror Movie Crazy – okay this is the kind of crazy where you are just out killin to be killin folks and straight up causing fright and horror for no good or apparent reason.  Medication cannot help this, the trauma caused to others is your medication, except for instead of Penicillin it is more like cocaine, LSD, and crack all combined together.   This is just demented and straight from the pits of hell crazy.

4) Circumstantial Crazy – now this I know about!  Yes, me!!!!  Circumstantial crazy is when you are in a situation that alters the way that you normally act. This is usually a highly stressful, unfulfilling, unresolved environment or relationship that damages a person over time.  By the time the person starts to exhibit attitudes or dispositions, they have already tolerated well over their fill of “bull poopers”.

Have you ever watched those videos of people who have the office meltdowns?  Well I would safely guess that 99% of those are circumstantial crazies.  Perfectly normal folk, who just broke temporarily, sad but true.

So the next time you noticed something that is different from you, before you slap the crazy label on a person, take the time to see where they are coming from, and if you can’t do that….them leave them alone or get out of their way. 🙂

New Start:

The video in the previous blog happened years ago – I wonder if the guy ever lived this down? Or did this follow him into his next job, next relationship, next circle of friends…..just curious.It is funny how the wrongs that are visible are pinned to you forever, mostly by people who forget that their own sins are neatly tucked away in a closet. Everyone can change, everyone deserves a new start….will you allow it? Of course you will for yourself, but will you allow it for others? Just pondering tonight.

Diamond in the Rough

Diamonds are formed by heat and pressure.  Remember to allow difficult situations to create and/or increase your “value” and deepen your journey.  Life, with all of its ups and downs will facet your “brilliance”.