Help Me Live

It seems as though society has mastered the art of saying goodbye.  We can go for years without seeing someone, we can be in their neighborhoods and drive right by their homes without even a visit or phone call, holidays go by and not a card or gift……but as soon as someone becomes deceased here comes the gathering  of people.   I don’t need spectators to my pain.   I guess I am a little funny in my thoughts but if you have not been an active part in helping me to live, don’t you dare come and watch me die.




I used to think that being excluded from something was about me, but I have learned that is not always the case.  Sometimes being excluded from something is more about the person who excluded you and what frame of mind or heart they are in.  Unless you think that you seriously need to make some changes, don’t waste your time in wondering why someone did not want you to be part of something.  Just move on and never forsake the rhythm of your heart to dance to someone else’s music.

He Will Let You Know

A very wise friend once told me that when a man wants a woman she will know.  I completely agree.   Even if a man tells you that he wants you in his world, if his actions do not line up with what he is saying then step off and back up from dealing with him.  Do not leave yourself on an emotional hook to wonder where he stands or how he feels….. his relentless pursuit of you and how he cares for you will cast away every one of your doubts and eventually as he surrounds your world by the warmth of his fire….you can slowly exhale.