This Sweet Addiction

Last Friday, I stood at the vending machine watching the smokers go out for their mid morning fix of nicotine.  I scoffed at them and thought to myself, there they go to kill themselves.   I made my selection, E7 – gotta get that Snickers Bar!  As I took the bar out of the drop slot, I stood there holding two Snickers Bars in each hand, then it hit me…..

This revelation hit me soooo hard I wanted to run away immediately.  How can you run away from a truth that is wrapped all around you?

The revelation is that I am an addict. My addiction is not nicotine, sex, heroine, or alcohol….it is food.

I use food the same way that a junkie would use a drug… to escape, to escape whatever I can’t or won’t deal with.  I eat my emotions, happy, sad, disappointed, anger, frustration, worry…..

I weighed myself on Saturday night and in disbelief I just stood there thinking about how I could have gotten to this point.  

It ends here.

Being overweight is the most visible sign of not being in control of an area of your life.  I have taken that control back!  Food is not a comfort, it is not my friend, it does not end heartache….food is not a band-aid for life.  Food is nutrition for your body and you have to be selective about what you eat.

Since Saturday I have lost almost seven pounds and I am so excited to keep this going.  I am ready to shed this heavy garment and start to look and feel sexy again….yes I said sexy!

Before I sign off here, let me ask you this…. Do you struggle with your weight?  If so, what are you eating?  Guilt, anger, hurt, frustration, loss…..

Step 1:  The next time you snack on something ask yourself if you are hungry or self-soothing with food.

This is a journey, a process – so this blog is not going to end here….there is more to come on the way back to a healthier you….. and me.