Season of Giving…All Year Round

The holiday season or what is often called the season of giving is coming to an end.  During the month of December thousands of people had warm fuzzies across the world as they gave to those who have less than most other people.    Hunger does not end at Christmas, abuse shelters and homeless shelters still have needs beyond Christmas, and a child that is living at a local children’s home would still appreciate a toy or coloring book beyond the season.  What am I rambling on about? 

It is this….please consider allowing the spirit of giving to continue in your life through the remainder of the year and into the next.  Yes, there are people who take advantage, but there are a lot more people who don’t and so many times those are the people who never ask for help. 

Find a cause that you are passionate about, one that gives you butterflies and help that cause.  You don’t have to help everyday or not even every week.  Perhaps once a month or once every few months…. as long a you give. 

Come on, let;s keep those warm fuzzies flowing.  Any act of kindness or thoughtfulness counts!