Valentine’s Day is Everday

All of the hoopla over Valentine’s Day reminds me of why I don’t really like it.  Don’t get me wrong though, I would not turn down flowers or candy…lol.   A friend told me just a few days ago that I love too hard. ..well maybe I do, because I think that  when you love someone Valentine’s Day should be everyday.  Valentine’s Day is on Monday when I ask you how I can help you during the week with tasks or honey-dos.  Valentine’s Day is Tuesday when I leave a love note in your briefcase.  It is on Wednesday when I cook you a big weekend style breakfast before you head off to work,.  Valentine’s Day is Thursday when I have the shower running hot and your favorite 100% cotton T and bottoms laid out for you on the bed.  Valentine’s Day is on Friday when I massage your shoulders after a hard days work.  Valentine’s Day is on Saturday when we go our separate ways to run errands and visit with friends but make plans for a romantic Saturday evening together.  Valentine’s Day is on Sunday when we serve the Lord in worship service together.

One day a year is not good enough to express an everyday kind of love.  And, sometimes it is not the stuff, but rather the things are done to say, I support you, I am here, I love you….