Then Live It, but….

The newest saying these days is, “I am living my best life”, or “I am trying to live my best life”. Well, live it then- but let me tell you something….

You cannot live your best life destroying other people.

There is a way to live your best life and that is not by misusing people’s emotions or indulging in every possible sin that you can without the risk of going to jail. This is not your best, this is being a greedy, thoughtless, selfish butthole.

Living your best life is not blazing a trail of destruction where ever you go and with whoever you meet. You meet this person and you mislead them, you meet another person and you play them out, you meet this person and you string them along, and so on and so on…..a trail of destruction. I saw on a TV show the other day where this man went to great depths to capture the heart of a woman that he had eyes for. When she finally fell for him, he decided that he was ready to move on and he said to her and the world, “Listen, I am trying to live my best life and you are not a part of it”.

What people have to say about you after you are gone from this Earth says a lot about the quality of a life best lived. If all people can say is that he was a womanizer, or she was a man eater, or that person was the worst this or that…was it your best life? Our lives are about us, but we live on a planet where we impact other people and we meet people for a reason, a season, a purpose…. a goal should be to leave them better than when you found them.

Live your best life, but if you can’t do it without hurting other people…then you are best to live your best life alone.