The Fire

What do you do when you realize that the  very fire that burned you and left an arctic cold in your heart, is the only fire that warms your world like no other.  He is that fire.  The Fire that unleashes a thousand butterflies within your soul, all of them tickling your world with joy.  The Fire, when at it’s best brings a nurturing warmth in any season, it is never too hot, but always just what you need.  The Fire  that dances with desire but is contained enough to still hold the mystery of the ecstasy that it holds….. hmmm.   Wisdom tells you not to go there again, to stay within the safety of the shallows, to stay among the embers of what might have been.  But the heart, the heart is urging you to  go, run wild and free into the depths of his flames, because you yourself are The Fire that he fled from and the only reason why you felt burned was because you did not realize the intensity of your own flames.