Abuse Lingers

While traveling this week I visited an abuse shelter for women and children. I woke up this morning thinking of those little faces, I can’t get them out of my mind. A 5 year with post traumatic stress disorder makes me sick to my stomach. This little guy saw one too many hits, heard one too many put downs or commands or orders. There were many people dropping off toys and clothes for the shelter, but none of those things can fix what was allowed to break and what is really broken….

Other Foot It

I really think that a great deal of the problems great and small, would be solved or never happen if people would just “other foot it” – you know put the shoe on the other foot and think….now would I want someone to do that me or someone I love…..just pondering.

You Gon Love Me

Wow! Jennifer Holliday was very theatrical in this video!

Song says,” I am not living without you, I don’t wanna be free, I’m staying and your gonna love me”. Why do women do this to themselves? You can stay right there baby locked up in the residue of what was never love in the first place, he is and was already gone a long time. Free yourself!!!!! You don’t think you can live without him, but when you let him leave you physically and emotionally (in other words quit thinking about the man), you will live even better.

I am not speaking from a place of not knowing what this feels like. I know what it is to love man who just …..I don’t know….just… goes away….for whatever reason. I know what it feels like to love someone with the purest form of love on Earth, to hold that relationship before God everyday and ask him to bless it, to deny the things that you really want to do( clearing throat) in order to have an honorable relationship before God, but still and yet you end up crying and alone.

The best gift that a man who can’t value and love you can give you is to walk away. Actually my sisters, help him out the door. Go on and cry your tears and let those tears provide water to nourish you for your real blessings. No one wants to feel disregarded and treated like you never even existed. No one wants to see the person they love move on with someone else and you have to live with their good bye and sometimes you don’t even get that. Whatever you do don’t numb yourself to those feelings because out of those feelings will come some of the greatest lessons that you will ever learn about yourself.

That Kind of Love

 Went shopping this weekend for plants and flowers to decorate my home. I was surrounded by all kinds of beautiful flowers which would have looked great within my decor, but I couldn’t buy them all. I had to narrow down to the one that would bring together every facet of my home. That’s a lot like love. There are a lot of beautiful and wonderful people in the world, but there is one who will compliment you, your life and your purpose more than anyone else. The one who will still stir your heart and make butterflies flutter as if you just met, except it’s 20 years later. If you have that kind of love, treasure and nurture it. If you dont, trust that it will come and know that you don’t have to compromise or play dirty to get it.

True Joy Of Living

Those who are in constant pursuit of perfection miss out on the true joy of living. My path has been scattered with the bumps and trials of life, they all have colored me the “hues” of who I am today. With all my imperfections I say that I am thankful for the road behind me, grateful for today and trust God for tomorrow….


Welcome to the Lessons By Moonlight Blog.

Lessons By Moonlight is not your typical feel good kind of a read.  This is going to be a dark and scary ride, even sad at times, at other times filled hope and joy, but isn’t that the way life is?  I have a friend that says that no one should ever be mad, sad, or negative.  I disagree completely.  Each emotion that we have is God given and I think that we are okay with expressing those from time to time.  I am not telling you to pull up at being depressed and just park there. No way, but it is healthy to acknowledge how you are feeling, why you are feeling that way, and then make the efforts to move from that station and onto brighter skies.

Lessons By Moonlight is going to acknowledge rejection, heart-ache, regret, loneliness, racism, and social issues at large.  We are going to sit in the darkness of those emotions (acknowledge) and then we are going to bask in the moonlight of the lessons( (learn), and then we are going to walk this thing out as survivors, as over comers, with victory in heart and hand.

No matter how dark your days may get, always remember that the sun is shining somewhere and soon, as you endure the darkness, the sun will shine on you again.  Journey on my friend, journey on……