Welcome to the Lessons By Moonlight Blog.

Lessons By Moonlight is not your typical feel good kind of a read.  This is going to be a dark and scary ride, even sad at times, at other times filled hope and joy, but isn’t that the way life is?  I have a friend that says that no one should ever be mad, sad, or negative.  I disagree completely.  Each emotion that we have is God given and I think that we are okay with expressing those from time to time.  I am not telling you to pull up at being depressed and just park there. No way, but it is healthy to acknowledge how you are feeling, why you are feeling that way, and then make the efforts to move from that station and onto brighter skies.

Lessons By Moonlight is going to acknowledge rejection, heart-ache, regret, loneliness, racism, and social issues at large.  We are going to sit in the darkness of those emotions (acknowledge) and then we are going to bask in the moonlight of the lessons( (learn), and then we are going to walk this thing out as survivors, as over comers, with victory in heart and hand.

No matter how dark your days may get, always remember that the sun is shining somewhere and soon, as you endure the darkness, the sun will shine on you again.  Journey on my friend, journey on……