No Guessing….Just Go

Rollercoasters are fun, but they belong in amusement parks, not in relationships. One of the most frustrating things is to be connected with someone who is constantly jerking you around. They want you, they don’t want you. They miss you, then you don’t hear from them for extended periods of time. They tell you that you are not quite what they are wanting, but then talk to you about your future together. As hard as it may be, you have to let it go. That person doesn’t respect you. You may never know they reason behind why they are keeping you on their hook, but it is your responsibility to yourself to take yourself off the hook.

Here are a few items that may help you determine if you are being strung along or played:

  1. You feel like you are along for the ride.
  2. Your insecurities are their go-to jokes
  3. Your insecurities are used to drive a wedge or create an argument
  4. They go MIA for long periods of time, or at odd times
  5. They don’t respect your boundaries
  6. They avoid meaningful conversations
  7. They say, ” I don’t know what I want”, but they still want to be with you…say good bye. Don’t hang around and allow this person to fish around to see what else is out there while they hold onto your heart
  8. They don’t do romantic gestures. They don’t or haven’t done anything to invest in your relationship or to show you that they care. Not talking about thousands of dollars here, an inexpensive trinket says so much.
  9. Disappears on the weekends, calls Monday through Thursday.
  10. They run hot and cold. One minute they are all about you, the next minute they are talking about lusting over hula dancers and their coconut costumes.
  11. You are always made to feel guilty
  12. Double standards. You are expected to do things but it becomes and issues if you require the same thing of them.
  13. Tend to be vague about their activity.
  14. Tends to be cruel and demeaning in their comments.