I Love Being A Girl!!!!

I started taking belly dance classes many years ago, but I stopped because a trusted friend told me that belly dancing is a sin.  Well, I think it depends on what you do with the art.  I just loved the movement and how it connected with my femininity.  I was not going to dance at clubs, parties, or in public, just for me and well maybe a spouse one day (blushing….) So, I started taking lessons again.  Last evening the instructor showed the group this video and said that this should be our goal in our own unique way.
What – this lady is an incredible dancer!  I can take that challenge though and will enjoy the wait loss that is coming with it.  Belly dance may not be for everyone, but it is an outlet for me and one that really makes me glad that I am a lady (in my Shenaynay voice  lol).

Bottomline:  Continue to find things that you enjoy and do them.  Belly dancing is controversial in some circles but again, it is what you do with it that makes the difference between a hobby and going to confession!