Greater Tragedies

Sally walked in the break room fresh from the cold and you are looking for that hot cup of coffee, but….the coffee is cold.  There has been an electrical malfunction and all of the appliances are off in the break room.   The first thing that Sally does is start to fussing about nothing is right around the office and no cares anyone, blah blah blah…..


This happens in offices everywhere around the world each morning…something in some way shape or another, something has happened to the coffee.

Well to all my Sally-ies of the world let me tell you something, while you don’t have a fresh hot cup of coffee……

someone doesn’t even have water, someone slept out in the cold last night, a child was molested, someone was shot, someone was killed, a pet died, a loved one passed away, someone is homeless, someone is hungry, a child doesn’t feel safe, a wife was beaten, someone is hungry, someone lives in the midst of a war, someone was kidnapped and trafficked for sex, someone is blind, someone is deaf, someone is paralyzed from a car accident, someone is struggling with cancer….someone is wishing that they had the job that you have right now and would gladly do without the coffee.

Sally….there are greater tragedies in the world and what you should do instead of complaining about being without coffee is to be thankful that you are not experiencing one of them right now.