Getting To “This Place”

As I was driving into work this morning I was blessed to hear this song on the radio and it really got me to thinking.  So many people, are looking for the place that this song speaks of and all I can say is keep living, keep trusting the Lord, and keep your eyes on Him and one day before long you are going to look up and find yourself in “this place”.  Those of you who are going through heartaches today from losing a loved one, a bad relationship, an illness, rejection or simply not being where you know you should be… the pain will stop, the tears will cease to fall, and one day you are going to feel a flutter in your chest and no, it will not be a bubble!  lol… it will be your heart coming back to life again, it will be coming off of cruise control and will start to feel and love again.  The key is not to let the storm clouds keep you from your journey.  Get an umbrella, put on a parka, gather up your rainboots….do whatever you have to do but keep pressing on.  Don’t sit back and watch others bask in the sunshine of their journey, if you give up now the only thing that you can do is wish that you were there.

There is a line in this song that says, “until I found Jesus, I never thought I’d be in this place”. Let me make this very clear, you can have Jesus in your heart, mind and soul and still not be in this place. The key is that you trust that your journey with Jesus will bring you to this place. I love the Lord with all my heart, I make every effort I can to follow his Word and I am not in “this place” and that is okay. Even with Jesus in our lives, there will be dark days, but I would rather face those dark days with the Light of the World in my heart and as my guide.

I see my “this place” on the horizon and I am pressing on…….