Seasons Change

What is it about September that is so glorious? Maybe it is because I know that October, my very favorite month is just next door? Maybe it is because we are approaching the time of year when the traditions that steep our lives become so prevalent…family dinners, warm apple ciders, pumpkins, bonfires and firepits, turkey dinners, Christmas, gift exchanges……

I don’t know why this year, my heart buzzes with the thought of the changing leaves? So are the seasons on Earth and such are the seasons in our lives. I think Autumn gives us a perfect example to know that change is not always a bad thing, really it can be quite beautiful and every leaf that falls in our lives will nurture the next season that has yet to dawn in our eyes….

Autmun trees


Today I wear the victory…..
I have learned that it is not good enough just to have the victory, it must be worn.  Not worn like a peacock flaunting feathers but rather with grace and humility, worn with a thankfulness that you are still standing in the midst of and perhaps even on the other side of the battle. 

Other Foot It

I really think that a great deal of the problems great and small, would be solved or never happen if people would just “other foot it” – you know put the shoe on the other foot and think….now would I want someone to do that me or someone I love…..just pondering.

True Joy Of Living

Those who are in constant pursuit of perfection miss out on the true joy of living. My path has been scattered with the bumps and trials of life, they all have colored me the “hues” of who I am today. With all my imperfections I say that I am thankful for the road behind me, grateful for today and trust God for tomorrow….